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My full name is Jamie Fraser. My family roots are Scottish. Today, the SF 49ers might be rock stars, but it was the Scots, with their often storied history, that first understood and lived strength-in-numbers.  In the past, Scottish families grouped together to create Clans: clans grouped together to create an Empire, with a Legion of guardians to protect hearth, home, and what we hold dear. There is a magic in a sense of belonging & loyalty - to a family, to friends, and to a community. 

These Scottish principles of togetherness and belonging are deeply meaningful to me. Dancing is an expression of the internal self, and beautiful dance (no matter the skill) draws from the deeply meaningful.  I am founding Empire of Dance as a community of young dancers, who are connected in friendship and acceptance and community. A crew is the best when every member matters and does their part. 

I want your children to learn, grow in confidence, be inspired, make friends through hard work, have fun, and communicate through dance. Having taught dance at all levels, I have witnessed the joy when it all comes together many times.  It motivates me as a teacher. 

Today's pressures, both social and academic, are something we must all face. My students lift me up, and I hope to lift them up in return, and give kids a safe place for expression, a sense of teamwork & community, and to show that cooperation as a group makes everyone better.  To me, that is the power of The Legions.