The online dance program 

Go at your own pace, train on your schedule

Watch and learn with hundreds of prerecorded tutorial videos that will breakdown and explain each move on the syllabus.

Track Your Progress

Students will train hundreds of moves and combinations while tracking their progress through private teacher assessments and skill charts! 

Get Personal Feedback

Students will submit videos to their teachers for revue and receive personalized feedback and tips.  

Dance Assignments

Receive weekly assignments on everything from dance history, fitness, choreographic challenges and more! 

As students LEVEL UP through the syllabus they will unlock rewards and achievements such as special master classes, badges, free CLI subscription and more.


​Students that complete a course syllabus will receive a LEVEL UP  certification!

Participate in Live, online classes

Connect with your classmates and EMPIRE teachers each week via live, online classes & breakout sessions.  

Earn and unlock Acheivements and Rewards 

Courses Included

Subscription Rates

1 Course  ( 1 Style a month ) $150  - Empire FAM rate $125

2 Courses ( 2 Styles a month ) $275 - Empire FAM rate $250

3 Courses ( 3 Styles a month ) $350 - Empire FAM rate $325

4 Courses ( 4 Styles a month ) $400  - Empire FAM rate $375

For all skill levels and ages 6 and up.

Empire Fam Discount applies to current students of Empire of Dance before 3/15/20

Click on the name of the style you wish to register for 

Contact us @ 408 401 0822


Location : 4000 Middlefield rd suite G-6 Palo Alto Ca 94303

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